Why Uranium?

Uranium Price is increasing and will continue to increase.

Global Uranium demand is greater now than pre-Fukushima. There are +100 reactors on order or planned, and 300 more reactors proposed.

Recent mine closures of McArthur River (in 2018), Cigar Lake, Rossing and Husab have removed +30% of Global Uranium supply.

Current Supply Cannot Meet Future Demand.

We are in an extended bear market with a significant future supply deficit.

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Fundamentals today are stronger than they were last time Uranium prices reached ~$140/lb in 2006-07.

The question is when will the price increase?

Previous long-term Utility contracts are coming to an end in the next few years. There is a lot of uncovered utility requirements.


Nuclear Energy is Better than the Alternatives

Clean. Lower Emissions. Less Daily Pollution.

Cheap. More Economical than Coal, Oil and Gas.

Safe. Significantly less deaths than caused by Coal, Oil and Gas.

Efficient and Effective. Lot of Energy produced from little Uranium.

Modular. Smaller, lower capital cost and further increased safety.

Without adequate Uranium supply, global baseload requirements CANNOT be met. Renewable energies CANNOT achieve baseload power supplies.

What is Baseload?  The minimum power demand required over a 24-hour period.