Catharsis Project

About the Catharsis Project

The Catharsis project is 100% owned by Baselode Energy with no underlying royalties.  Catharsis is on geological strike with the World’s largest and most-productive high-grade uranium district, the Wollaston and Mudjatik domains.  Over 2 billion lbs U3O8 have been discovered along this trend.  When searching for uranium deposits, this trend is the high-grade capital of the world.

Location and Infrastructure

Catharsis is located 75 km southwest from the Key Lake uranium mill. All-season Provincial highway 914, which services the Key Lake mill and McArthur River mine, cuts through the Property.  The Property encompasses ~71,000 hectares 60 km south of the Athabasca Basin edge.

Property Geology

The Catharsis project straddles the Western Wollaston and Mudjatik domains (WWM); this transition area is host to over 2 billion pounds of high-grade uranium.  Baselode has identified well-developed structural corridors, some with graphitic conductors (i.e., faults), but most importantly, the project area is part of a large regional zone of structural deformation which could have deep-roots and could be host to numerous secondary structures that would create permeability in the rocks to increase hydrothermal fluid flow.  Similar geological horizons and structural elements to the Key Lake, Eagle Point and Millennium uranium systems have been interpreted on the Property.

Exploration Targets

Minimal historic exploration of the Property area in the 1970’s has revealed one area in the northeast part of the property (red dot on map below) where a grab sample returned 1.38 wt% U3O8, hematite altered fracture returned 3,200 ppm U, and numerous outcrop float grab samples returned 490 to 1,800 ppm U.  Baselode has identified a number of sharp linear magnetic features that have been interpreted as “major” structures and these will provide a priority focus for future exploration. 


The Property covers the same geophysical magnetic corridor (WWM) that hosts the Key Lake and other high-grade uranium deposits.  A structural “lozenge” shape (purple polygons) can be inferred from the regional magnetics, suggesting the Property area has been subjected to intense and repeated structural deformation.  The Catharsis “lozenge” shares the same orientation and size as one interpreted for the Key Lake structural system. 

Project Plan

Baselode’s maiden exploration program on the Catharsis property is planned to include:

  • Q1 2021: historic assessment compilation
  • Q2/Q3 2021: historic assessment compilation